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Welcome to my website currently undergoing a refurbishment after a very busy couple of years in my personal life.
Having acquired a new catalogue of poetic performance pieces and gracing many physical and now virtual stages, the lock down of 2020 has brought me a silver lining, Time to Create.

'Poetic Blog' is probably the best way to describe this site. 
There are several sections to explore which reflect some clear differences in the structure, although genre, ethos and well.... 
                                                            ...'ME' is threaded within all my work. 

That Doesn't mean that it is all about 'ME', but it's the most reliable viewpoint to which I can refer as a starting point. 

Passionate about People and Planet, Fun and Facts and the Future... Son faces in this troubled world.
 I try to capture elements of thought, research, opinion and resolve, hopefully in a way that is at least a little bit entertaining.
Click on the Pictures, Links or Descriptions to enter each area and explore my open book.

I may have a cover that challenges, creates assumptions or intrigues or you may not really careless.  Hopefully you care enough to click on and read a little more about the Pages, Chapters and of course Verse that capture a little of why I see and feel what I feel. I'm as Sami

I hope sharing this helps you or someone you know to reflect, connect or find a little further understanding demonstrating Sami On Side.

As with all creatives the Time and Funding Balance is difficult. If you like what you see or feel I deserve further support click links, share content and if you wish and are able please donate using this Buy me a Coffee link.  Every little contribution helps.  Sponsors, Collaborations and any support is always welcome a discussion.

Thanks for visiting!

Sami x
True Set Reflections by Sami SET ‘The Collection’
True SET Reflections is literally as it says "My Reflections of Experience"
A Collection of Poetry taking Inspiration from Music Albums to create new, individual and unique pieces.
Guess 'Who'  quizzical poetry based on a favourite show of my son & I
Other stuff... The stuff that doesn't  come with a rhyme or accompanies a rhyme for further information and dissection that may not be best situated on the same page for a number of reasons. 

Latest Posts

Information and links can be found by following the logos. Some graphic presentations will be available on YouTube. 
There are opportunities to collaborate on my projects to all our benefit. Please don't hesitate to contact me if this is something you wish to discuss.
Please like, Share and support in any way you wish or even better, join in where you can. Follow social media for updates of content.

Thank You for looking.

Sami x

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