A Poem to Out

November 22, 2017

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I’ve heard a rustle,
in the Grapevine,
So I guess it’s now,
This is my time,

First I must Assure you,
In this Poetic Way
Ask for understanding
Accept Me, It will be Okay

For I Did Not Maim,
Did not Kill
No Contagious Disease
Just Long Buried Will

No regrets for that beneath,
Curiosities Felt
My life worth the Price
Wearing a Safety Belt

These Loud Expressions
now Circumstance Change,
Do not Conclude,
That I did live in Pain,

I still love dearly,
with those I had reside,
Life’s relentless difficulties
caused relationship slide,

One Issue was strong,
Pain Nobody could see
something serious
Was wrong with my knees

Two operations later
Bad news delivered
Damage was permanent
Cartilage Withered

I would not hear this
And I would not see
A less mobile future
lay ahead for me

So I read and researched
looking for the treasure
some useful information
A future to pleasure

One where I
could still partake
Always been Energetic
Make No Mistake

One valuable chapter
I will always hold dear
Came to a close
Another drew near

Physically, Externally
Girl created distance
Alter-Ego, Internally,
Came to existence

The Hidden Curiosity,
Boosted by Estrogen,
A new Kind of Self

I Climb, I Run
I Bounce as I Play
New Soft Tissues
Keep the Old Pains Away

There’s No Single Reason
And my Journey’s Unique
Doesn’t mean I’m Heathen
Because of the Pleasures I seek

The Rules of the Genders
Socially Constructed
Now that I Break Them
Views have erupted

Burning Hot words
Coarse like the rocks
If I did not care for them
Matter? It would Not

The Part that hurts most
They’re not thrown from inside
It’s a fear of reaction
From Community Outside

From Onlookers, Spectators
Judgemental they say
Yet in twisted loyal fear
They seek to obey

The will of Small-Minded
who would turn just as quick
Opinions based on falsehoods
It’s them that is sick

Every person
on earth has the right
to be themselves
through the day and the night

and thousands of others
hidden from sight
await the day
its acceptable and ‘right’?

Well its no longer me
I won’t wait for that time
I search for my own strength
illustrated in rhyme

Many came before me
Inspired me so
Ahead of a Majority
Leading them so

Freedom’s within
so we must grasp
Tolerance for Difference
That’s All that I ask

Now My Gender is Fluid
This Can be seen
Know everything about me
Is not what it means

Don’t start about sexuality
No reason is there
We’re not that intimate
So No reason to share

Gender and Sex Separate
This you should know
If You wasn’t aware
Research when you go

I don’t force you to join me
In the times that I Play
or make you look
at Contradiction Displayed

but we cant always help
as we choose our attire
decorate exterior
to personal desire

In company I sought
a feminine selection,
I find myself Alone now
Just me, And reflection

And as only myself
Can be Guaranteed
I create a new portrait
with the visuals I need

It sounds like an illness
Of this I’m aware
But the results of the make-up
and clothes that I wear

have created a confidence
Freedom Now Calls
Choice Now my Own
Not Following Rules

Created to keep us
In boxes, It’s True
Highlighting Conflicts
Helps Control You

If your accepting I Thank You
And Invite You to Look
A New Page I’ve Set Up
Here in Facebook

You’ve the Right to Opt Out
Unfriend Me, Delete
But I do plan to Separate
A Persona’ whom speaks

A Place to be me
with Opinion, Poetry
A little Entertainment
with open honesty

For the sake of those close
I ask you to leave
a little something positive
something to relieve

An emoji, short comment
a message that speaks
to others around me
it’s not admiration I seek

The concern of my loved ones
for they are clearly legit
in a judgemental world
Where Trolls spew their Shit

If questions you have
sought with respect
I will respond where possible
curiosities I expect

My page I referred to
Is the place to discuss
anything in depth?
Acceptance is must

If really, You can’t handle
these changes of New
But enjoyed our web friendship
Timeline is still Stu!

consider those close
Any questions for Me there
in transition around me
please show them due care

Transition is a term
any journey, here to there
do not confuse terms
because genders I share

So I wrap up this Poem
I am clearly Now ‘OUT’
Awaiting mixed responses
Sitting in, Venturing Out

BUT, If ever you Listen
If Ever You See…
You’ll Notice these Changes
Are a New Improved Me!

Peace Love Respect

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