Cross the OG Wannabes

Everyday Experience ,Poetry
September 3, 2018

Written after some guys that blocked our way then started abusing my friends and I for asking them to move over so people may pass…

Cross the OG Wannabes

Little OG wannabes across our path, everyday children having a laugh?
Bikes form a junk yard, they won’t let you through,

They’re hanging tough, Some ‘Wannabe crew’

talking large like they own the place, one wrong move and their in your face
only takes one to lead the way, what a high price we all now pay

Eyes scan you as they act all cool, in their tiny little mind’s the OG’s rule,
dream of being big boys stinking of cash their future in peril, living like trash

Chests puffed out, shoulders wide, where did they find this damn false pride
Intimidating Public, Commanding respect, Real men would squash ‘em like little insects

When someone braves these caricatures, they’ve got bad lines all held in store,
abuse and insults flows so easy, they don’t look bad, they just looks sleazy

tomorrows gangsters, is that their goal?, more personalities our system stole
if we’re lucky they’ll be high while drug running, unfortunately for us OG’s are seen stabbing and gunning

useless education and we wonder why,

then reward academics, not so much those that try

They’re Brains are suppressed, So Braun steps up,
You’ve put kisses on their test papers , now they’ll fuck you up

Why cant we protect ourselves?, us everyday folk, When Wannabe OG’s are such a joke,
protected by law is in no way minor, long gone the days it would stop with a shiner

Shown hesitation in defence, and you will appear weak,

but criminal charge is not what you seek
DBS maybe crucial for your living, but its invite to attack your stance is giving

when will this issue be seriously addressed,

to bring back pride, with it respect

it’s a lack of opportunities that create such hate,

new world order and their nanny states

immigration, celebrity, its all a diversion, need to wake up communities start conversion

cure these zombies, create new paths

let’s educate kids to Respect while they Laugh!

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