Definition of Identity

Poetry ,True SET Reflections
July 4, 2020

This piece was originally written for a Can You Poet event themed ‘Identity’, organised by Tre Ventour.

Identity :the fact of being who or what a person or thing is,
Like the something that creates an ‘attraction’
or incites others to take the piss?

Identity :the characteristics that determine or establish,
how or where a person may belong,
Surface elements may be accurate clues
or totally misleading and wrong.

Bombastic labels of Identity! 
Attached to others who in turn… hang them on you or me,

This is an attempt to raise awareness… the misapplication of tags,
Should ‘Sale Notes’ be trusted to decide
 "Are they 'My bag?"

Personality may help you identify
but Traits may be adjusted through a range

Tastes may give clues away, 
but they’re not restricted to never change

Choice should not be chastised, on account of others expect,
Each has the right to be themselves and retain our basic respect.

If our choices affect others then that’s a wholly different take
Re-education should prioritise over punishment
when there’s been an honest mistake,

Sexuality is but a single preference,
even when several flavours are enjoyed
Religion may devolve with learning,
‘starry heavens’ becoming… ‘just void’

Identity is extremely problematic
when it’s thrown together in groups
Blinds a viewer to the truth
as stereotypes are expected amongst troupes

Not everyone who shares my Skin Shade,
My gender or sexual preference
Has experienced the life that I have, to recall it all in reference

“Identity evolved from identitās” originating from equivalent 16th Century Latin “idem” meaning “same”
the only thing left then to separate us is clearly just our name?...

Rhythmic musing to define us through Identity
has just now Crashed and Burned

Individuality is our most important reality…

It’s the Greatest Freedom...I’ve ever learned!

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