Devil in the Details

Everyday Experience ,Poetry
September 11, 2018

The Devil is in the detail, footnotes of retail,
hiding there in plain sight
Codes of Conduct attached, but it’s really just ‘a catch’
weights on the line and hook
‘Not Mandatory’ The reply, you realise the lie
When life presents you with challenge
Educated to Trust, created to bust,
a future as economic slave
Delve deep in your mission, need more than eyes for your vision,
careful where you sign your name
The Logos are Flash, worth little more than Trash,
when shit really hits the fan
Don’t believe the hype, read ALL the small type,
research if there’s a better way to go
Consult your trusted for a yack, watch each others back,
need to take care of your tribe
And if you don’t take heed, it will very be sad indeed,
as society monsters take your soul

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