Elsies Cafe Rhyming Menu 2 – Wednesday 1st August 2018

Menu Challenge ,Poetry
July 31, 2018


Elsie’s Cafe Rhyming  Menu 1st August 2018

So What do we have for this Wednesday’s Lunch

Maybe start with South Fried Chick and Salad with a Crunch

or go with the veggie, if that’s your rule,

Tofu Slice and Jackfruit Pulled

Vegeballs in Tom sauce, Yesterday’s Tested,

or is it a form of chicken in which your most interested

Teriyaki, Japanese, or Kiev, Ukraine

On top of Potato Jackets, Will you feel the strain?

Alternative Main, ‘Cottage’ Almost a Lie

Its a Meat Free Abode in this Tom n Lentil Pie

And if you’ve still a room spare at the Hotel ‘Tum’

There’s 4 desert options to fill Yum Yum

Banana Bread in it’s Simple State

or all jazzed up with Pecan and Date

further options, I excite and shake,

coz I’ve already tasted Banana Ice with it’s chocolate cake

I don’t like Bananas I here someone scream

A simple Melon Salad in it’s juices agleam

come and see what we’re saving

cutting down on society wasting

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