Elsie’s Cafe Rhyming Menu 5 – Tuesday Chips

Menu Challenge ,Poetry
August 21, 2018

Chilli Chicken Skewers! They sound Hot,

Rescued before the reality of ‘Letting them Rot’

or maybe you will start with Smokey Tofu instead

if you only read this menu, take some thoughts in head

for there to be dance in the future or salsa to enjoy

we need to stop gambling those chips, our awareness employ

see we may have intercepted the cast out sauce,

but we need to be aware of the current planet course

Not talking about the elliptical, We’ve Fried Chicken as opposed to egg

or the ‘Dog’ getting ‘Hot’, veggie version, no loss of legs

But as we pass around the Global Warming Sun,

its not just veggie burger chargrilled, we’ll all be over-done

the moment to preserve sweet desserts of life,

is soon as blooming possible, complacency is rife

Custard, two types of sponge, that’s pudding and a choice

if grandchildren are to love this too, you need to find your voice

Tuesday Chips EC 180821

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