Elsie’s Cafe Rhyming Menu Challenge 4 – Tuesday Light Bites 1

Menu Challenge ,Poetry
August 7, 2018

Tuesday Light Bites, What do we have in?
a few usual suspects as we feed Bellies not bins
Tofu, Ham or would you prefer Cheese,
Possibly sealed in an Omelette to bring a taste to please
With, without, or alternately to,
Does Veg and Lentil Salad, taste tickle you?
If you crave the meat there’s chicken available
roll, sandwich or the with one of the above at your table
something sweet to please our taste buds
Fruit Salad or Crumble or Bread n Butter Puds
How much? You ask, It’s the usual deal
community project raising awareness, pay what you feel
And if your Veggie or Vegan or Gluten Free
Bring Cool Bag to Boutique for a charitable spree!!

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