Elsie’s Rhuming Menus Challenge – Tuesday 18 JackPotDay

Menu Challenge ,Poetry
September 17, 2018

A Draft menu is posted for Tuesday 18,

pleased to see a fave of mine, the humble baked bean

one of several toppings that you may chose to adorn

Tuna Mayo, or of course cheese, nicely melts on the warm

The warm of jackets, Potatoes of course

may turn toppings to fillings in Rolls, possibly add sauce

Vegan Soup is a likely option, not yet guaranteed,

common to this format as Bellies Not Bins, we aim to feed

Vegan Vegetables, Lentil Stew

or Chef’s Surprise Special which is TBC too

the above may be served, with salad on side

before progressing to desserts if by tradition we abide

it’s often in the wrong order, our habits of consume

fruit should go first, to prevent rotting in it’s tomb

I refer to our stomach, the digestion process,

research these ideas to learn what is best

for now its just a Menu, a proposal to eat

Fruit Salad, Yoghurt or Vegan Banana Ice Cream,

What is your Treat!

Coming SoooooooooN

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