Elsie’s Cafe Rhyming Menu Challenge 3 – Thursday Light Bites 1

Menu Challenge
August 2, 2018


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Thursday Lite ‘not Right’ Bites

Thursday at Elsie’s this week brings Light Bites
Created from a practice in our system unfortunately not right
Processing and Supply Chains make Hunger look a Sham
But it brings us choices from Chicken, Cheese or Ham
There are more available should these three not be to choice
Feeding Bellies not Bins, we raise awareness with voice
Spoken word or Rhyme, I’ll get on I’
While you possibly tuck into Vegan Calzone
The amount of waste may make one wheezy
Presents numerous slices, Savoury Tofu or Cheesy
We still have portions left of Wednesdays Abode
Tom n Lentil faux ‘cottage’, guess that’s ‘Veggie Code’
The world continues to waste, at a rate to make the hungry shake
Assortment from some delicious cake, which one with your drink will you take
Coffee, Tea, Juice or water
Quenching Thirst, enjoying the excess we caught a
Prevented these treats from another land-fill
While people globally are starving still
Please come down and see for yourself
How something claiming ‘Civil’ is wasting ‘wealth’
Please Don’t feel Guilty about attending on account of the ‘Issues’ raised in this piece.
Supporting a ‘Real Junk Food Project’ Cafe such as Elsie’s Cafe @ Brunswick Place, Northampton is a positive step towards reducing the problems and finding solutions.

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