Feather of a Beast!

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September 19, 2018

The feather from a friend, came from a tin
I ‘choose’ the one as to the finger was stickin’   (or did it choose me?)
It’s fluffy and small, white and short,
this was found on the ground, not pulled from that caught
Most likely connected with a conversation moments before (you will have to guess!)
But my own puberty signals are not down on the floor….
(yep..i ‘would’ say a Big Clue, but well…..adequate clue…lol)
A Symbol of flight, old covers replaced
a different world, now we all shall face
Guess I’m now connected, spiritually at least,
to another one of natures fragile little beasts!

This poem was written as my response to a small task at a Weaving Words Workshop, where the amazing and inspirational lady we know as Kezzabelle, invited me to perform and be ‘subjected’ to a Q&A

somehow this shy girl obliged 😉

She really is a KezzaScream

3 thoughts on “Feather of a Beast!”

  1. Pamula Furness says:

    You caught her on one of her more bashful, quiet and ladylike days 😉

    1. Sami says:

      I was referring to myself…. Thought that was obvious from the description… :-p

    2. Kezzabelle says:

      Ha ha SO shy and retiring lol x thanks for being our featured poet Sami x

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