Foggin Noggin

July 1, 2020

Foggin Noggin!

How can my head be so empty, while so full of words?
I check in on my screen with purpose but it's just noise of discord

It's like toxic sweeteners hidden in healthy
'No added sugar' statements
The 'authorities' pass safety
but little science leaves feelings to lament

We live in a great age of communication and statistics galore
So when they are constantly skewed I feel
"there must be more"

'Constantly incompetent' is not permitted in any job description
Yet somehow we allow it in Politics and Mainstream News,
between the lines is encryption

With the Virus,
Contributed by Virus,
Killed only by virus,
Deaths as per last year,
Side effects of this fear,
no PPE gear

We fill in tick box of every conceivable combination,
state our Skin Colour, heritage, Age, Gender or Sexual inclination 

Yet we can't provide a more robust recording
of why we took our last breath?

Call me a cynic but such simple mishaps are only useful
to those with a part in our Deaths

So while the jury is out and the facts are distorted
I will hold all the theories as 'possible'
while basic information is 'purported'

Until then my Mental Health sits precariously on this cliff
Wondering the best way forward so those I care about
don't end all Stiff!

So much confusion banging around my noggin
Maybe that's ‘The Plan’... to keep us all foggin?

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