Hang In There! (Poem)

November 27, 2017

Safe and Sound,
Still Around
I thank Parenthood
for keeping me ground!
Prevent me lifting
to the Higher Plain,
Despite possible relieve
from such emotional pain.
Sleep interrupted
by Tears for Fears
Name choice Reasons
now appears..
Never really thought about that,
back as a kid
How artists chose names,
thought they ‘just did’
And with so much Positivity
that came my way,
I feel guilty
for my emotions today.
It’s good to talk,
that’s the advice,
but sometimes that’s when,
someone sets the price
Your this, Your that,
You caused the Spat,
‘We love you anyway’,
But there as your Sat
Listening to criticism,
They were never Aware
Realisation of truths
Now that I Dare,
fill in the Blanks,
Lay it on line,
History’s hidden posts
like Facebook Timelines.
Because it never felt right
far too ashamed
toeing the line,
still now I’m blamed
Latest crusade,
attention I seek,
at these accusations,
let’s take a peek..
Ethical Trading,
Purchase with care,
reducing hardship,
‘not seeing’ isn’t ‘not there!’
Environmental concerns,
Man Poisons Earth,
Profit and Performance
before those whom we give Birth.
But we give them our love,
you do protest
As they are endlessly fed
a diet not best.
Disabled, that’s more Recent,
a Team that I coach,
Battles I Fight
because of Society Approach.
I’m just a Conspiracy Theorist,
that’s what they say,
all these facts add up
the price we do pay..
And as I shout about Gender
can you not see,
there’s a massive connection
that’s far more than Me
Hidden Truths Fuelled
my Will to Defend,
Still lacked the Courage
Own Challenges to Tend
We’re ALL distracted by Arguments,
Polar Views,
someone’s winning a war,
that common men loose
When I SAY Man,
I refer to us all,
Gender, Religion, and Race…
together in free-fall
Respect beteen everyone,
choice we should keep,
Direct action should not affect,
cause others to weep
As I battle my own Demons,
Tears stain my Cheeks,
Words now my Tools
World Bullshit still Wreaks!
Thinking of those,
Distant and Near,
almost failed to,
fight through such Tears
Professionals of understanding,
Paid to support
Fail to notice, they write
‘Fragile and Fraught’
Treated like it’s an illness,
cure symptoms is key,
failing to address
the real problems I see,
If you have reached this Final Verse,
I thank you for Reading
People don’t need Sympathy
Respectful Actions they’re Needing!

2 thoughts on “Hang In There! (Poem)”

  1. Wow I like your artistic talent. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing it with everyone! 🙂

    1. Sami says:

      Thannk YOU for reading and commenting…

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