July 4, 2020

Who would you open your front door to?
How do you decide who you invite inside?

What judgements do you reserve to protect your home,
before allowing them to take a seat...at your side?

Are you influenced by colour, gender or perceived wealth…
as you look for assurances against evil's wrath? 
Will attire or eloquence sway your choice,
a lack of cleanliness leave them on the front path?

How do you learn one's Identity quickly
and assure the safety you desire? 
Call on experience or trust instincts... 
is the person presenting a deceitful liar?

Is there space or a role preordained…
for this entity at your Step?
Do we give even a moment’s thought for Karma…
or the Butterfly effect?

What aurora hangs behind them, invisible in the breeze?
Does your belief system limit those…
deserving of your appease?

Shared religion, a belief in an afterlife,
unknown members of your tribe?
Will you give the trust on such memberships,
instantly you Jibe? 

Now consider what you would say,
if forced to knock on a saviours door?
A victim of society’s darker side,
through your life it presently tore?

Standing asking for assistance, pleading to be heard?
Potential hero pauses in thought, your about to be deferred?
Remind them of someone, a trait shared…
“so like them...you must be”
“Of course you say your not, but you don’t appear too much like me!”

Close the door and damn you, it’s not personal...only fear,
Your lost to the darkness now, drowning in your tears,

You Escape the pain, death is your exit,
your looking to enter a new realm,

There really is no fairer way…
than to be judged by your exhibited helm 

“We don’t have the time to inspect you for individualism,
so we have applied your label as…
‘Man’ ”

To be honest we wish to preserve our new world,
and we are doing everything that we can.

Respect feels non-existent as we hear you ask for repent,
to be honest, we watched as you did nothing... 
But idly sit on the fence

You blindly followed the oppressors, selfish in your security
We also have a desire to protect, we’ll judge you by your Identity!

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