I Define Me

July 4, 2020

What exactly is 'Being Trans'
I’m still not sure I understand

Too many definitions giving a slightly different take
Now it feels the tag for me, may be Fraud or Fake

As I understood, it was personal, no single box to tick
Others insist it's a one way ticket, replacement shackles fixed

How do you consider it a Dysphoria, but Not a Mental Health?
I'm being open... conversational, I'm No 'Trap' in 'Stealth'

Ladyboy… Shemale… Undesirable as 'Trans Tags'
Apparently these are just Porn, we must all be dirty slags!

I ask of you, How’s that true?, I’m telling you that ain't right?
There's 'Daddy', 'Sister', 'Mums' and 'Bro's'
Found upon these sites…

Black, Latinos, Interracial, even Grannies who poo…
Bestiality... Babysitters… Voyeurs who watch YOU!

What makes you more important?
Numerous categories use everyday words?
How ‘s those describing Your body parts more offensive?
Such self importance is absurd!

Take control of these labels, break them all down,
Treat with a little humour, force smiles from such frowns

They just referred to me as 'Lady', are they trying to tease?
Coupled with Boy, if I've retained this charm,
I really am quite pleased

Presenting Woman or Girl I'm assigned the pronoun 'She' 
'Male' was Nature's choice, Shemale is 'Math' to me.

All labels can be restrictive, so freedom of choice I will keep
Express a preference if I happen to stand out
from the many lost sheep

If you ask for Acceptance and Understanding,
then give some in return
Don't retaliate with cold shoulder,
claiming 'Transphobic' because it burns

I don't undermine your desires, be now who you must
Happiness is most important and we will all soon turn to dust

Reprogramming a majority is a futile battle to fight
Synapses grew in adolescence,
sub-conscious subtleties of sight

Childhoods creates autonomy, Brain pathways were drawn
Your needs now the result of histories, hijacked at your dawns

New generations deserve better, they need to be ‘the freed’,
Don't confuse how you were raised with new futures that they need

Practice what you preach and leave children now to be
Gender expression not pharma hooked, based on anatomy

May still be the occasional casualty who feels they don’t align,
Difficult to feel you don’t fit a box if it's never been strictly defined

Natural individuals---deserve ‘Own Truth’
Fight for ALL variants to be Free

I'll do my best to lead by example... 
be comfortable...
Being ME!

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