Karma Moment

Everyday Experience ,Poetry
October 20, 2018

Is it ‘Seeking attention’, asking divine intervention,
to sway any outcome in your favour?
Will it be ‘to hell that you go’, because you insist on it so, and it’s revenge you wish to savour?
I’m not asking for me, though it’s clear that i see, reason’s why others feel this way.
It’s not useful to dwell, allow anger to swell, distracts you from fun when you play.
Moved my thoughts away fast, so negativity don’t last,
returned momentary as I tie it to page.
The movement of ink, to the nib it did sink, such translation is calmer than rage.
Far better to write, stress lifts like a kite, wind returns me to sky.
My message to send, Karma’s ears i did bend,
the universe did send me a reply,
It was short like a text, but it did relieve stress, sympathy replacing disdain
If haters don’t learn, when karma does return, Will Universe hear pleads for their pain?

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