Knock Knock 23

July 23, 2018

Knock Knock 23 – Soul Food Poetry – Saturday 28th July 2018

– Esquires Music Venue, Bedford, UK

Tickets Available on this link –

Promo Poem

Knock Knock! Who’s there? It’s Me, Sami
I will be stood on stage to recite,
at a special place where I was once all fright

Esquires Music Venue, a Place to be,
was also instrumental in bringing about Me
Before many knew of girly presentation,
very close friend and I braved Bedford,
with excitable anticipation
A weekend of Adrenaline, no safety harness clipped on,
Sarah held hand as I finally dived head long
Dressed femme as I dare, tho I laugh as I compare,
much more comfortable now in all that I wear
Two nights we braved the Bedford Streets,
Lower Risk, still a Treat,
real world situation to prepare me for home town ,
and as I trod tentatively into this reality,
i still had the fears of someone recognising me,
feeling more like a simulation

Theres a Girl Under that Jacket!

My friend also apprehensive,
no rehearsals of what was expected,
she would still face the questions of peers
As we stepped out of the door I soon realised,
there was fear showing in her eyes,
yet she faced the world at my side

Still Managed a Selfie


She paid off a debt I never bestowed or ever set,
but my friend had ensured me
she would never ever forget
to this sentiment she remained faithful,
desperate for it to be graceful,
for the trust and support,
I will be Eternally Grateful
From Heart this Girl girl did once share,
story of a deed
i wasn’t even aware
but as a Coach I had gifted her all the same

True Friend

to a value that she deemed unreturnable,
yet insisted she would be discernible,
should an opportunity ever arise
As destiny would have it,
I inadvertently issued a remit,
genuinely without any obligation to pay.
see our friendship had strength,
her own experiences great length
and that gave me valuable trust
and a fun weekend ensued,
a new me we pursued,
i’m honored that i never faced it alone
On day two of this adventure,
At Esquires this night did centre,
Sarah’s friends were continually accepting of Me

I’m not the entertainment!


The confidence then did grow, helped germinate the seeds I had sown,
Sami can now stand up on stage on her own!

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