September 3, 2018

I planted my finger along my route on the Map
More precisely, it was screen, The National Trust App
As I approached the site, chalky clues were missed, quarry and filtering aid community subsist
Another clue held in the name,
Tells Multiple Rivers, Spring above Flood Plain
Mottis refers confluence as rivers work around,
the land which brings life, as Font spills from the ground
But this was only known in Retrospect,
I really had no idea of what to expect
Spontaneous decision as I drove down those lanes,
I almost turned away as it had started to rain
Water coming to be subject of the day,
ejected through small pool and meandering away
Landscaped apostrophe,

Font – Spills From Ground

Waterfall Notes,

Each Waterfall Designed for a Unique Sound or “Note”

Site of a mill, no through route for Boats
Just missed Estate tour, my luck almost damned
Then a notice of interest close where I stand
A Waterways Tour in 20 minutes time, Bobbi n Janet the guides,
Both these Ladies now mine
An hour to tour the predetermined route,
for most visitors this day the Easter Egg Hunt suits
The Font, The Falls and where the Mill once stood,

The Mill Once Powered a Hydraulic Ram

In the Gardens front of house, an amazing piece of wood

“Tall and Proud”

A ‘London Plane’ looking rather proud
A rope barrier required to aid what the ground sinisterly shrouds
For under the earth just below my boots,

Roots Below Boots are Fighting for Shoots

there’s an unknown fungi attacking the roots,
Along the Abbey Channel are many of these trees,
it’s special bark, an example to see

Filters or Holds??

Soaks up pollution from the air all around,
holds it in bark and sheds it to ground

Atmospheric Wonder or Plane ‘Porkie Pies’

Maybe it’s the obvious scientists are failing to see,
the same ‘Man’ fuelled Bark feeds the Fungi?
It has to go somewhere if it hasn’t changed state,
does it infect now through ground, are we already too late?
Something to smile again, an amazing looking hut,

£650.00 to fish here??
but you do get this luxury abode…

like a roundhouse from bronze age where fisherman do gut
Only those who do it for hobby! not those do it for pay,
coz a days fishing here is 650 a day!!

Flood Plains of Plenty

Over a small bridge to track back the other way,
past fallen trees from windy winters days
And as we end the Tour with new knowledge gained,
I move to the shelter of house as clouds threaten rain.
A quick farewell to my two Awesome Guides,
New learning, possible poems, awaits me inside

Inspiration for a Future Visit,
Chinodrac Cloister representing, But What exactly is it?

1 thought on “Mottisfont”

  1. Karen says:

    That’s beautiful Sami. Your poem took me staight back to my day out in the gardens there

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