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November 3, 2018

OFF Button

Once again this morning I rose,

Head rattled awake by sleeps ‘final throws’

I’ve climbed into Car, Radio On, Into first Gear…

As I just lay, as I just lay here”

(*Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars*)

Well that wasn’t an option, cruel twist of chance,

not quite the words for this, yet like hot pokers they glance

No longer in bed, body would love to have just curled…

Would you just lay with me and just forget the world?”

More relevant now, ‘World’ often the cause,

External Influence, Systematic Strife, Where’s that Two line button?


Time to think in those moments of still,

Clarity… Control…Like he said… Lay there….and chill!

Was it ever truly like that, Battling from the start?

Fault not often our own, who’s blame these torn hearts?

Unlucky for some? 13 Years was our time,

START…STOP…Frustrations, like this damn traffic line…

Blue lights ahead, U-Turns in street,

Not so simple, to track back on life’s beat

Roads-Signs-Lights, I navigate around,

Avoid on-coming traffic, until the day I’m in ground

It feels so recent, not 3½ years gone,

So why still wrung out, by words in a song?

Not sure I even like you, your flaws still cause me grief,

Please return my Heart…Your Troubled!..Not Thief”

In fact…NO, Keep it, was yours, thou you don’t think it true…

I would be better to grow a new one..One that doesn’t LOVE YOU!

That’s not really an option, so on my words I just cough..

Search for that Final Button…


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