September 3, 2018

I’m sat In the centre at our self-designed desk,

Another space for all to express,

Main Stage to my right, Sound booth ahead,

Projected words are on a screen so they can be read

Crisp Clean Forms with Bright White Plenty,

Big white Pots touched with Green from Shrubbery

Orange Splashes from Couch and Cushion,

Coin Tray chings then the pool players pushin’

A Social scene where dreams are born,

People’s Ideas as varied as the clothes they’ve worn

Singers on stage with mics in hand,

Join Guitarist and Drummer forming a momentary band

Creating important visions to lift those who dare,

as they search for a path to take them where

Now they’ve become a somebody in this crazy rat race,

its rare to find anywhere like this place

If you’ve been wondering how to express your musical self,

come visit this place with talent for wealth

This is a place to dream, There’s No doom and gloom,

We look forward to meeting you at the Performing Room

The Following Pics show PR Members

recording this Poem for a Future Promotional Video!







Performing Room is a comfortable, creative space made special by all those who share it. I have written several pieces at it’s desks and also enjoy quality time with my son who also attends.

The PR Family have been an amazing support in this very transitional period of my life and I have great respect for the Project, It’s Creators and all the members who frequent these bright Spaces..

PR Family are the First to Share Creativity

Writing Among Friends

Input Rhyme

Typing Notes

Tapping Away

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