Sami On Scene – Introduction

Sami On Scene
July 10, 2018

My Ears constantly Ring with the sound of a May Day Call,

From the Enviroment, All it’s creatures and the many communities within the various societies in which they live

Sami On Scene will be the area of my Blog that deals with My Environment.

I hope to review and enhance the places I visit and live
by sharing my views, considering viewpoints, and educating with a poetic twist.

Ultimately aiming to bring positivity we may all engage with…

I hope people feel inspired to engage with the Pages and Posts by way of comment and participation where appropriate.

Our Environment is sending an S.O.S constantly these days, I’m sharing my S.O.S as a helping hand to the May Day Response…

I’m always being told “YOU cannot change the world “…

That’s probably very true, but I am absolutely certain that “WE CAN”

My On Scene Investigations, Articles and Poems will aim to be Interactive in Many ways… If you like what you See, Read or Hear Please share…

Sami xx

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