‘Albrhym Covers (c)’ by Sami SET

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IMPORTANT; While reflecting my life some artistic licence is involved in this collection. These pieces are created to suit lines on an album which may remind me of something which did, should, looked like or maybe could happen. This is Poetry. This is Art

Albrhym Covered;

Albrhym Covers (c) is my new collection of poems which have or will be inspired by music albums. Many of these will be albums which I have grown up with and may be the choices of others close to me.

Albrhym Covers will follow a simple set of strict rules that push creativity and learning as opposed to simply inspiring a piece. The theme of the final piece does not necessarily reflect the original themes in which the lyrics may have been originally used.

The Words;

Lyrics used must be placed as “Quotes” to honour the original artist and must not be changed between the quotes. It is permissible to start at any point within a string of lyrics.

The Lyrics must appear in the ‘Cover’, in the order they do in the original Album. Do not use a Track/Song name or use more than two lines from each track.

All lyrics may be chosen from the start or from each track as the poem progresses. All other lines are then created around these to form something new and unique.

All Poems are ‘Rhyming’ Poems, that’s kind of the point in the name 😉

The Names of Original Artists or Albums should not be kept with the Cover or confirmed on social media. The Guess is the game and is vital to encourage interaction. Dissuade people from making open guesses. People may easily research guesses and personal interaction is a valuable commodity in ever shorter supply. Engage with your audience. If they have read enough of your work to be interacting, treasure this and use it to learn a little more about them. These conversations are what art should be about and may inspire future choices.

Solutions should be easily available via links. If you decide to imitate this project with a variant, a little credit and link to this page would be appreciated. I would welcome other’s versions to be sent if you would like me to consider them for future exhibition to show off your skills!

Albrhym Cover Artwork;

Many Great Albums have Great Cover Artwork. In the new digital age we have an abundance of tools that can be used to create an Albrhym Cover which is truly unique and special. By searching for art which depicts individual lines in your poem this can add a whole new dimension.

In the same way your new use of the lyrics can take the emotions of content in an entirely new direction, so the art you choose can take it somewhere else too. Community is a wonderful thing and while it’s easy to get lost in the challenges of modern life, finding common grounds can be difficult. Why not offer your words out to other artists such as photographers to see if they can capture new images for your Albrhym Cover. Collaboration may bring many rewards including friendships and mutual respect. It may even bring new opportunities for any or all of the collaborators. Contact me for inclusion in the Private Facebook Group that will provide a space for sharing and collating.

If you have found this page before my Albrhym Covers then please take a look at my Social Media Channels, links below to see or hear more.

If you are a Music Artist and have albums you would like me to cover, please contact me. If I like your music, I would love to test my skills and see what we can create.

If you are an artist, photographer or any other interested party who feels you would like to offer something to my little project or could benefit from inclusion on an Albrhym Cover, please contact me.

Thank you for stopping by, If you like this, feel free to browse my pages or posts; or maybe Buy me a Coffee which would be hugely appreciated.

Sami SET


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