Sign to Rhyme

Everyday Experience ,Poetry
September 3, 2018

A Small clue, above the door
Possibility, of what’s in store
should you, ever choose
in the Quarter of Boot and Shoes
To find, the wonderful place
Represented, by smiling face
Share Ideas as you unload
There, on Overstone Road
We Write Rhymes, DJ or Sing
Discover, It’s all happening
Studios, where you may record
Remember Thanks, to its special lord

PR Lord deserves Hugs!

Because magic, only happens here
Thanks to his, sweat and tears
Not that, you’ll likely notice
That’s why, I sat and wrote this
Hard work, deserves gratitude
(So) Bring your Positive Attitude
Share your talents, and you will see
Collaboration (can), boost creativity
Should you meet someone who goes
Likely Boast, they already know
That The Base so often Booms
In many, Colour changing Rooms
Like a shower of Rainbow Beams
Or Stars that Inspire Dreams
If stage, you’ve already graced
Aware Performing Room, is the place
Must know, Ain’t No Sorrow Rainin’
Our Arts Blessed, In the House of Janan’

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