Slapped By a Cliche

Everyday Experience ,Poetry
October 11, 2018

It’s all a Cliché as the theatre calls
Finding ourselves in the Derngate Stalls
I know very little about this story of Sole
My first hearing of this chapter told
A factory saved by Boots!, This we all know
Many times asked recently, Am I in the Show
No, this is me, it’s how I present
I don’t take offence, there was no intent
These lessons I learned early, As Transition would unfold
Know when to be understanding, when to be bold
This will be a telling of Factory and Shoes
Cobblers, Manufacturing, trying not to lose
Just light entertainment, My life’s nothing like this
I’m here for the lights, a musical bliss
Red, Vibrant, bringing a beat
all stamped out from 2 1/2 tubular feet
Expected all the Glamour and the Sexy Heel
Wasn’t really ready for the emotions I would  feel
A beautiful written song about Father and son
Caught me unawares, turned the waterworks on
Soon the interval arrived and I dashed through the door,
Not to wipe my eyes, To prevent piss on the floor
Wasn’t the only one busting a run
Real lady of the audience, refused to miss any fun
Make a cubicle choice, hadn’t the time to waste
So I stood at the urinal, mini-dress around waist
But this was a safe place, and visitors had paid
Already accepting of the various Gender shades
Another Masculine trait preserved, A Pint from the Bar
Then Girly Sorrow to comfort, Bag of Chocolate, Ta!
I stood there as served, once again on edge
Not cause I’m in dress, Tears ran over Cheeks Ledge
Manly dismissal for clothes now creased and rucked
Lady concerns more prevalent, Was My make up now fucked?
Well the worst out the way, return to my friends,
Let’s hope I hold it together til the very end
Deeper stories unfold regarding what is seen and own truths
I’m sobbing again one minute, then raising to roof
by the time curtains down, and spectators rush home
My confidence to be has most certainly grown
With so many in Theatre, local they live
A few weeks of shows, many messages to give
Thousands in Fact, and they will be around me on street
A little safer I now feel, Unexpected this Treat
With the message to allow, others to be
New inspiration to Bard, New strength to be me
A little more Pride, in this Town of my Roots
Special Gift from the Story of Red Kinky Boots


Nice Texture!

I need the Hug!

Directly Inspired

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