Squeak, Stir, For Work I Stir

Everyday Experience ,Poetry
September 3, 2018

Squeak, Whir, For Work I Stir

Squeak Squeak Squeak, Whir Whir Whir

Slightly irritating sounds as I begin to stir

Niggling pressure as my midriff gives grief

3 1/2 hours since my Early Morning Relief

The Room feels familiar, but I’ve never stayed before

Big Brand Bedroom, this time on first floor

And the alarm quickly sounds, did it get there first?

Was it body clock that woke me or my mouth crying thirst

As the thumb slides icon swiftly to Snooze

Brain kicking in, its own hard drive to peruse

What we in for? What does the day hold?

10mins the bed embraces as the day still not sold

But I soon buy into rising, where’s the real choice? More whirs and squeaks, where the hell’s that noise

Check out the Window, is it Factory or Cars

Now think it’s much closer, Air-conditioning My Arse

Dig out my work clothes, soon be dressed

Chilling in bath last night left pillow with Red

Tidy the Bed, Gather the clothes Head down to Breakfast then food options choose

Fresh Fruit, Natural Yoghurt, must be done first,

Before the heavier Cooked choices that would push man to burst

2 Quorn Sausage, Poached Eggs 3, More Squeak on this morning,

and large dose of beans

Fuel for my day, washes Cranberry and Coffee,

Grey Clouds look wet, fail to inspire me

But as I finish my liquids, And type this new Rhyme,

My Clocks finally telling me, it’s clearly Work Time.

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