Thesaurian Adjective Rhymes Depicting Inspiring Species

Puzzle Poetry for Whovians …

This is another Puzzle page where Rhymes are this time inspired by characters and events from the world of Doctor Who.

There are Videos, Words and Questions provided for each Blue Book Entry, Hope you enjoy participating as much as I enjoyed writing these. 

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The Quiz Questions

The Questions will consist of several main themes. The first will relate directly to they Rhyme. There will be a Specific Character or Species I am referring to and there may be several related questions. I will look to locate the TARDIS in a new location which does not relate to the Rhyme in content although it’s nice when the theme does.

The Answers are all revealed via ‘Links’ which will take you to numerous external sources which may be directly or indirectly related. I make no apologies for this. In today’s environment is is increasingly difficult for creatives to earn an income and so affiliate is one small contribution towards this. Please follow links where interest and needs are relevant and please use caution whenever using the internet. The links I provide will generally be sites which I am registered with, not general searches so should not prove to be an issue. In any case, I am unable to take any responsibility for your browsing when you leave this site.

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T.A.R.D.I.S. The Blue Book Entries;