June 30, 2020

1.3 Miles, 27 minutes 
says my Google Maps
Handy information
from a more commonly used app

Didn't need to use it
on this particular eventful night
Travelling from Home to dinner 
I was apparently quite the sight

Off to meet friends 
that I've seen little of since school.
Know little of my Girly side
 and I'm still new to
'Best Practice' or 'Rules'

Check the mirror
my choice of Clothes
Femme's under Pressure,
'Passable' as can be the way I chose

Common 'Trans' hang up, 
‘Pass in the Gender Opposite’
 Learned to deal with this swiftly, 
ditching it as a requisite

When Trans-Girl's mistaken
for Biologically Created
 Flash!  Serotonin, Dopamine…
Fuels the elated!

Common traits to chase,
Moments of  Euphoria,
too often depresses,
Manifesting Dysphoria

Apply lighter foundation,
last attempt a bit dark,
I consider my routes,
should I walk through the Park?

It's only a cut-through,
race course corner,
Mid-length dress I choose,
thick leggings, they're warmer

A Neutral colour,
Listing said Beige,
The 1/2 hour ahead
would feel like an age

Blissfully unaware of this..
as I level my hem
Two materials with a conflict
Which waged between them

It was quite serious too,
the signs soon became clear,
As Dress 'Ran' from leggings
to almost disappear

On the Dance Floor or Social Media
 looks were Complimented…
"It Rocks!!”
1/4 mile into walk
it barely covered…
"Lunch Box"

I carried a well tucked sandwich
cannot deny
Dress took advantage
presenting maximum thigh

Getting Ready in Room,
had registered no concern
Heartbeat much lower
before such lessons were learned

A simple choice
"Which Shoes to Wear?"
Beige Platform Boots,
Tested in Trafalgar Square

And these Girly attributes
to test my compose
Two areas of torso
drew attention as they 'rose'

Dress offered cover,
A Pretty Cleavage Net
Black bra to match attire, 
they're lifted and set

Just hair left now,
I need to leave soon
Brush and a Flick
Feet moving to Tune

Quick Spray to keep Volume,
"You've got this, be Proud'
Out Front Door to face,
all it did shroud

My Platforms struck Pavement,
As a Moped zoomed past
“If rider doesn’t return neck fast,
it'll end up in Cast”

At the top of the hill
holding the foundations of my home
The numbnuts stopped
to answer his phone

Turned head again
to take a longer glance
No break in my stride signalled…
'No Chance!"

The Sun was falling
but it was a new level of exposure
Full Daylight, Short Dress
challenging composure

Should have I of turned back then?
Maybe, I'm a girl with No Class…
Certainly felt like it
with my Dress up my Arse!

Sami consciously reached
to wriggle dress down
Stu watched Sami uncomfortably
from inside with a frown

"Well it's never bothered you before
when worn by others!?"
"Of course not, they look good!"
...as I imagined what they cover!!

At the main road then
needing to cross
Stu wanted to sort wardrobe,
but Sami was Boss!

Head again raised
false confidence, so not too far
Enough to not appear victim
or get hit by a car

Had Just passed an alternative route
Thinking, “Would I be better tracking back?”
Ahead of me gathered in Park 
Was a rather lively looking Pack!

Contemplation Reasoned
"they've know where to go"
Boat Race mooring in Barnet
as Neck started to bow

Keeping Distance on Wide walkway,
increasing volume of vocal cords
Checked my Ego! "Nothing to do with you!"
language hides clues in foreign words

Then Calling Sounds and Whistles
it had just come back to me…
I Make a quick stretch back to street life
and relative normality

Respite from attention was desperate
barely 10 minutes in
Disapproving looks, accepting smiles common
this barrage I wasn't expecting

Stepped aside for Mother and Child,
who was clearly new to walking
Necessities of life, courteous reactions
decisions require no talking

She had one hand on a buggy,
A trike too belonging to a small boy
Previously such un-threatening situations
I would still have behaved all coy

Sorry! Said the lady, 
assume it's for getting in my way
I laugh to myself at these common
misplaced manners
Don't be silly I smile and Say

A few minutes of calm welcome
as I review the previous 10
I round the corner by the barracks
it was that moment when

Small Car at the Lights
Passenger through window hoping to converse
Few Lude Compliments, My lack of reply…
means now it's turning perverse

Through Corner of Eye, I count young men
full car, numbering 4
Then it's 'You working tonight ha haha'
my ignorance made me a whore

It wasn't the look I was going for
I've claimed last laugh in this Joke
As one of them finally realised... 
"Fuck sake I think it's a Bloke!"

I raised my hand in 'Peace Sign
To be safe I  Quicken my Paces…
Just wish I could have captured the looks
Embarrassed shock carved into Faces

Then a second calm as the heart rate settled
a little longer this time
In head I considered all the new material
and this as prospective rhyme

Talking of Material, there is one piece always on side
And Front, And back, “Is it even below coat?” 
My dress persistently rides

Decision to be made for my route now
The Visibility of 'Safe Routes' now clear
If honest at this point just one thing on mind
“shortest distance to there from here”

Grown up in town, know most areas
Electrician for 25 years, that's life!
Comfort of vehicles now appreciated more
as I walked the paths with such strife

I forgot that again as I cut through some houses
and a Dog Walker passed me by
A very attractive smiling Girl as it goes
her compliment lifted me high..

"WOW, What a great pair of legs girl
 just be careful the Tan doesn't run!"
"They're leggings and thermal" my reply,
she passed where I stood and I'd spun..

Smile cheered face as confidence whirred
spinning the poetic cog
Passed so fast the compliment I managed
aimed at the husky, “Cool Dog!”

Extra Bounce lifted me
but this new step style was brief
Back out onto a Main Street
with all the associated grief

The Welli Rd was this walks Home stretch
strides covered as much slab as I can
Thoughts consumed by dangerous possibilities
when 'Admirers' realise I'm Man...

At the end of this stretch was the Imran Balti
Guess you could say that was my goal
I reached the Door of Beer Guerilla 
and divert to appease my Soul

Packed as I've ever seen
tried to remain elegant
as I followed my Hips to the Bar

“Emergency Third Please”
My whole being was shaking
“ABV high, I'm not driving my car”

Matt places my Beer on the counter by Till
I passed my card for NFC
But with a look like his Chimpish Emblem,
Matt Smiles and says "On Me!"

4 minutes to Spare as I escaped to this safe zone
Beer bringing a moment of Calm
Just 30 seconds to destination now
I would surely come to no harm?..

True, I wasn't hurt approaching or passing
the group at the restaurant door
Stood in the Entrance
talking to someone I know
Guys banging on window ‘Eyes bored’

The birthday group was upstairs
So I climbed to enter a new room
Two very lively Hen Groups
“It's safer than Stag Party with Groom?”

Enjoyed the Meal, Nice to see Old friends 
Then we grab a drink down the road
I walk to a club before diverting…
And head to my mates abode

A few hours passed, time to head home
the time we shared was nice,
Then a Guy by the Taxi Rank
and Another by shops
Yes I was actually followed in the dark Twice

So I share this Rhyme with A whole new insight
to the experience of a girl's single night
I'm not impressed and I'm telling you now
that something with society ain't right!!!

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