Trigger Warning

Poetry ,True SET Reflections
July 1, 2020

Incase it's been missed, or you just don't know,
I'm a narrative poet with stories-to-go

Long Legs, Short Skirts, Maybe High Heel Boots…
Rhyme about dreams of the future or study of roots

Journeys that start at my own from door
may become an adventure to enjoy or trip to deplore 

Gender bending brings a wide range of grief,
at times it literally begs belief

I have no plans for this to just be read,
I wish to inject them into your emotions and head

If you have any sensitivity and need a forewarning,
Hear me Now!

This poem was written following my attendance and support act of a Trans related production about a Trans-Girl’s experiences and thoughts on her journey.

The main act was rather underwhelming, which sounds bitchy but she said lots without really saying anything. There were of course a few areas I could connect with.

At the end I had a conversation with the girl who was more concerned that I had not given a ‘Trigger Warning’ despite the fact the subject matter was along the same lines as her entire 2 hour drawn out sharing, of which a synopsis was on the event information. Maybe it was this ‘Sensitivity’ which left her ‘show’ so lacklustre.

I wrote this as a response and possible useful piece to open sets with…. It’s been a year and I have not managed to use it yet! lol

Photo Credit on Background

Yes, I question who has a gun casually sat on the side with their camera… guess I was triggered, lol Where’s the warning?

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