True Beat by Sami SET

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May 23, 2020

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True BeatAlbrhym Cover 1

“I’m Looking out for love in that house on the hill”
There’s been several more houses, I chase that love still.

With many :I’ll make a path to the Rainbow”s End”,
The pot of gold was my heart, to the return address it was sent

Keep reposting as years pass by, does it now hold any less?
Will it require ever more stamps, heavy with all the stress?

“You know that I’m falling and I don’t know what to say”
The pot of gold is not limitless, ever more reluctant to pay

“So Attractive, So Reactive”, I leave and adjust my tact
Too far… less reactive, less attractive, easier to see after the fact

That was two pairs of hands, which once held my heart so heavy,
Technicolor dreams, in the storms they paid a levy

“While I keep my dream in my pocket, the moon full and bright”
I wonder if my future loves will be met dancing in the night.

“Oh pretty darling, this feelings deep inside”
Looking for my perfect partner there, my ‘Parallel Universe Vibe’

“I couldn’t find a way, so I settle for one day”
How will I reach through the dimensions, is there such a way?

“Mother, Father, Brother” and other members of my fam
Please listen to the lessons of the new generation, “I am what I am”

“Well you held her prisoner and after all these years”
I found my strength to finally break those inadvertent shackles of fears

“Upstairs where the stars laugh and shine”
Will have to wait while I make the most of my earth time

Exploring now suppressed feelings, finally released in a whirl
Almost see in the mirror, “the face of a pretty girl”

Stayed so silently hiding, in the recesses of my mind
Finally gracing life’s stage as my own strange stars aligned

Brought to life and “so she walks slowly down the hall”
Safer than dark streets where both admirers and bigots call

“She stares at the stairs” and the many hills she has to climb
Before overcoming the challenges, cathartically catching in rhyme

“oh the phantoms crawl out of the night,
Hoping the daylight will never come for you and I”

It already has and the two of us have made me complete
‘Sami’’ my true reflection, living life to my own true beat

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