July 1, 2020

Vanity - Defined as 
"Inconsequential Pride of Self"

Many thinking of
Mirrors and Make-Up Shelf

What a word
The more you apply
the more it's Absurd

What possible actions, please do tell
 have no effect on my choice of self-sell

Modesty and Ego entwined in one space,
each one affecting changes to face

Esteem drives Dignity, Confidence may Assume some Respect

Conceit in the Judging and the Judged,
means it's rarely just as we expect

So while I flirt with Presentation going forward
And consider what I see looking back

Greater study of the words I choose to express

retains Humility as I assert to Address

Inconsequential Vanity brought me... to my Dignity,

The Mirror waits patiently when I write

Desperately I Grasp at Integrity,

Exhibit the honest reflect of me,

that's why I added 'SAMI' to Stuart Edward Tite

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