May 25, 2020

A Blue Book Entry

From the ‘Thesaurian Adjective Rhymes Depicting Inspiring Species’

We inhabit most planets cold or warm
Living in Forests and hanging in swarms
We watch you lovingly as we approach
Hidden in the dark as we’re recalling your reproach
Your attitude towards Nature, even essentials such as bees
Our homes refashioned or burned, for we live in the trees
We like to be complementary “We see the real you”
Don’t be too flattered, your ‘Flesh on Bones’ and that’s food
Such good communicators, animating to share
Usually your last thoughts, why should we care?
Cautiously into the dark you must look
We are prey, the very essence of pages in your books
To stay safe from this species, count what you cast
If the numbers don’t add up, your unlikely to last!


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Many of the outfits I wear are purchased through a variety of charity shops. or have been passed on to me. I will talk about this elsewhere in my Blog. and second-hand, refurbished donated clothing helps cut down on the huge amount of waste at it’s inherent problems. Below are links to some of those options along with links to the original manufactures. If you are interested, follow the links as any small affiliate remuneration will allow me to continue spending more time creating the content here

  • Intro; Blue Skirt by River Island
  • Halterneck Cross-Over by Kookai
  • Trainers by Adidas
  • Quiz Rhyme; Blue Skirt by Top Shop
  • T-Shirt by Next

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