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Poetry ,True SET Reflections
July 16, 2020

It’s Fine!
I feel I have an ugly spot, that has taken residence up in my head
Visible maybe upon my face, translation needed to be read

It’s dark, without light, it’s dense holding tight
and leaving me feeling so tense
It appears like ‘on vacation’, several weeks,
holding station so hence

I've been wondering blind and wandering to find,
answers to help us all
But that spot sucks it up, like tea, includes cup,
digesting naturally stalls

I know solutions are here, pulled in many directions, that’s clear,
others twisting to own desires
Mother Earth screams loud, while like that spot,
a dark shroud calls for a human pyre

So as the information crams in, compressed to nothing
and ‘the fix’ eludes my soul
I realise ‘that dog’ maybe just a guard for the cogs,
whirring to feed, my black hole

I check the mirror as they’re windows I’m told,
here a view may be seen
They also show a black spot in the centre,
and reflect with a watery gleam

‘Suck it Up’ means more than ever and it’s buried into
that growing sense of none
I have always found ways to contain these slow days,
grasping with fingers so numb

To the positivity which exists through these times thin and thick, concentrate on all that is good
Would be easier of course, if respect prevailed through discourse
and we all made the changes we should

In hope I will write for my own light to shine bright,
you’re welcome to bask in any glow
Just be aware it’s not alone, if by my face you are shown,
that sometimes happy’s all show

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