Women all the way?

July 16, 2020

"Are you a Woman all the way?" 
"I am straight but have lots of friends who are Gay"
Dating Question and statement where
"Hi" is too often all they will say.

I like this approach it speaks honesty 
Upfront makes their point to not offend me
They quickly then tackle both subjects
of Gender and Sexuality 

Reading the rules of 'trans' on social media
It starts to feel like a contradictory encyclopaedia
Yet they cling to it like some biped species of 'cirripedia'

That means barnacles, I refer to those stuck fast in an 'etiquette'
I find this hypocritical when their expectations are set
When I share this opinion, from all sides I'm beset

A freedom to choose, how we express
Undermined by new foundations of 'what's the expect?'
New alliances foiled by inadvertent disrespect

"…Woman all the way?" is the question to which I refer
I look to what this might mean and it results in defer
Set to side such notions as a result of confer

Open to others is also a constant research
To understand a 'look down' from those on historical perch
No offence intended while I recognise the smerch

It doesn't wear well, it spoils the dreams
Lifelong desires, narrow paths they have seen
Neurology understanding non-existent,
a stain we must clean

Each experience we live is constantly mapped, 
Malleable in adolescence, never quite capped
Just tougher to alter once puberty has lapsed

Connections made from responses we draw
From those we trust most repeating false nature set law
Fears implanted, self-perpetuating…
from where? They're not sure

Not even aware is a true sadness of fact
Unseen oppression passed down the generational stack
Family branch wilts as invisible whips are then cracked

Tastes and desires rejected by those who you love the most
Try to do right by them…
temporary parental host
Lost in dysphoria for the remaining journey to ghost

Single elements of physicality are attributed to state
your only permitted to follow one line of fate
Majority rulings enforced by the keepers of gate

Sentry without universal authority,
despite claiming 'by the book'
false idols enforcing rules, your childhood shook
inside for inadequacies…
you're forced then to look.

Commonalities are just numbers, not a strict set of rules
Society employs them to control us, too many engines then stall
Suffocate on the poison  until life then exhausts

Pursuing these ideals created by unnatural means
Dulls your shine as towards slavery you lean
Chained by psychological prison,
such cells are unclean

Search for your purity of feeling and thought
True equality allows individualism 
as inner peace should be sought
Stop chasing false rainbows...life is too short!

Analysing this poem;

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