July 2, 2020

While people shout and argue about how they are perceived and how they desire to be addressed there is a fundamental scientific basic that is so commonly not discussed or mentioned. 
This crucial element of our construct works subconsciously
to ensure our survival.
Please see below the Poem for a little more information.
Synapses are paths trodden,
 stored as Maps in our mind
So that one day we may recall
and once again find

The scene we viewed previously
wherever we now stand
Correlations and expectations,
our presence wrapped and bound

Like everything else in this universal state
The resources are due a constant update

A security patch,
lessons or skills recently learned
May protect us from previous experiences
Of when fingers were burned

Fresh, they are just instincts, raring to go
Waiting for new neurons, looking to grow

Sparks of information
created by elation and shame
Pushing forward, pulling back,
an endless tug-of-war game

Penned but not contained
as its recorded and stored
Regardless of accuracy
it's rarely ignored

Primary entries most prominent, 
Strands strongest then tied
Like foundations of buildings,
when weakened we slide

Snakes retreating from ladders
backtracking our board
Our personal game of life,
all the rules are here stored

A true delete of misinformation
is difficult to achieve 
Subconscious structures, not pages
ever growing tentacles of weave

Creating structure and pictures,
crafted in head
Everyday is a lesson 
Until the day we drop dead

Full of surprises or repeating our tasks
Once understood fully,
in our own beings we bask, 

Take control of emotions, confer to adjust
Everything at face value,
ends in sentiment's bust

These bodies are a vessel,
we are the pilots at helm
Allowing everyone else unchecked access
is when anxieties overwhelm

A balancing act, you must not 'shut down'
Analytical is critical to avoid
'flounder then drown'

Hold back on solid stamps
of that certainty sought
Undoing the programming 
Is a harder battle when fought

Hold light to share with others 
brighten the way
Anti-Virus in your thought process
will result in better days.

What is the role of Synapses, when relating to memory, learning & development, relearning or unlearning?.

Please follow the link in the header above for a very good article about the power of synapses and how they affect our behaviours through repetition.  Below is a simple analogy that I have written to aid the understanding.

Consider an idea or piece of information as a huge poster that you wish to put on the wall using an unlimited number of drawing pins.

The first introduction to an idea inserts the first pin on one corner so that it hangs, unconfirmed and easily replaced in a moment, not straight, not clear.

The second visit to the same idea places a second pin in the next corner which straightens the poster but it curls up and remains insecure and  unconfirmed.

Every time the same idea, picture, action or any form of experience repeats itself another pin is placed in it's corresponding poster. The more we are exposed to a singular element with the same outcome the more stable it becomes until it is a subconscious behaviour, action or response. To undo or relearn a poster...we have to unpick every pin.

In childhood, so many signals are experienced for the first time and we are bombarded. Beyond Mummy Daddy, this and that, pronouns are amongst the first words learned and associated with far more visual realities than explanation based learning. 

As the majority of our population is somewhat binary in their gender it makes complete sense that a child will cement these expectations very early and without the conscious knowledge that this programming has taken place. In addition they will learn all the little natural complexities of commonalities that may result from biological sex, tying these two areas of learning together.

Asking people to remove years of pins without issue is a big ask. A person has to have huge consideration or care and make conscious efforts to change how they address you. Most people just don't care or come across the issue often enough so they easily revert to the subconscious reinforced response.

It is far easier to change our own learning and re programme ourselves to respond differently to others than it is to try and ask everyone else to relearn how they see a small percentage of people occasionally. 

If your still not convinced, maybe research how people who have suffered years of abuse may still cower involuntarily, years after they have a new safe life, just because someone reached somewhere and their survival instincts kicked in. That is Synapses.

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